Graviola and Cancer

Some companies claim their graviola supplements can fight cancer.  This claim is based on a study performed by the Purdue University School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences, which found that active components in the graviola herb are effective inhibitors of cancer cells.

The compounds were found to leave normal cells alone during tests.  They were also found to be effective against cancer cells that were resistant to cancer drugs.

However, these results were found in vitro, meaning they were added to cancer cells that were grown in test tubes.  This does not prove the efficacy and safety of these compounds for those suffering from cancer.  The National Cancer Institute continues to support this ongoing and promising research of Purdue University.

Graviola Extract is a food supplement and not a cancer treatment.  The supplements do contain bis-tetrahydrofuran acetogenins, desacetyluvaricin, neoannonin, bullatacin, annoglaucin, asimicin, squamocis, rollimusin, and more ingredients there are considered to be toxic to cancer cells.

Users have found that taking Graviola Extract during radiation and chemotherapy helps them to recover energy and strengthen their cells in order to help lessen the pain from these treatments and increase their bodies’ feelings of overall well-being.  Healthy cells and a strong body are more effective at fighting cancer.

Graviola extract is 100% natural, and is growing in the rain forest.  For centuries, scientists and medical professionals have believed that the cure for cancer could be in the rain forest.  Hopefully studies will one day prove they graviola is effective in curing cancers.